Fantastically Close Marvel

IMG_8527While I was taking pictures down my street the other day, I looked up ad saw the fluffiest cloud in the sky that day. It looked softer then a pillow yet it was stronger then the wind to hold together through the day and most likely longer. What astonished me most however, is how close it looked to the earth and a tree on across the street, I really felt as if I could just jump up and feel it’s soft, cotton ball like fluff with my own hand. I couldn’t just let the opportunity go by of having this cloud be on my blog, so I pointed the camera upwards and barely zoomed in on the “Fantastically Close Marvel.”


Vegetable Glory

IMG_8505My mom has a vegetable garden at the end of our driveway that is filled with soon to be yumminess, but for now it is just pouring with inspiration for me! I saw a cute squash flower in the biggest of all the squash plants I have ever seen, but this small, orange, yellow, and greenish flower is what really stood out of the gigantic dark green leaves. It is really hard to believe that this little beauty will soon be on my dinner plate! However, it is just a “Vegetable Glory” for now, which is okay for me, my blog, and my need for inspiration, because now I have it.

One State Can’t Be All

IMG_8489My pug, Frank, enjoyed the sand and sun as much as I did. Here he is digging for a rock. I hope you have enjoyed my trip to Oregon as much as I did because, like all good things, this section of my blog must end for the next to begin. It was fun telling all of my readers about this camping trip and it will always be on my blog, but I have to capture more of the beauties of nature now or else I may miss my opportunity to show them to the world. I hope to continue my blog through the summer for Mother Nature is most beautiful then. Thank you Oregon, but “One State Can’t Be All…”

Human’s Fingerprint on Oregon

IMG_8456At the rocky beach on the first day at Oregon, I looked up from the freezing cold water that was petrifying my feet and saw something in the hill across the bay… it was a giant ‘G’! I was very confused at first but then my dad told me it was the first letter of the town’s name, this I thought was kind of cool. I thought this because  people were telling everyone who passed by that this was their home. These are reasons why I thought this “Human’s Fingerprint on Nature” was a title of how much they love their home.

Nature’s Bowl of Water

IMG_8498When my family and I were driving back from Seaside, my mom called out to me while I was in a dozing zone. At first I was annoyed because I was tired from all the fun we’d had at Seaside, but then I followed her finger out the window to the bay, what I saw made me practically yell at my dad to take as many photos as he could while we were driving. The tide was at it’s lowest so there was sand on either side of it making a sort of cage around the water. I absent-mindedly handed dad the camera as I was looking at the bay thinking of my blog all at the same time! I just loved the inspiration I got from “Nature’s Bowl of Water,” I hope you do too.

An Old Life to a New

IMG_8459On the first trip to a beach in Oregon, we came across a rocky bay and decided it was the best place to start. Despite the somewhat sharp rocks and shallow cold water, we all had a good time, especially me! This was because I spotted a dead tree trunk with the most unexpected treasure, a new bush growing out of it! It seemed that there was still enough life in the trunk that it grew a new life, which I thought was incredible! It was truly “An Old Life to a New.”

Magnificent Waters

IMG_8477On the second day of my trip to Oregon, we all went to a beautiful sandy beach with the most refreshing ocean water in the world. All the kids jumped in the water so fast the shock to the system from the cold wasn’t even noticed, but before I got in I knew exactly what I needed to do. So I got the camera and took a picture of the vast blue green waves at just the right moment so I even got layers of white cloud-like water from the incoming and out going waves. I think that Oregon was the most nature filled state I have ever been to because it gave me these “Magnificent Waters” and many more glories.