Submerged Beauty

IMG_8586At a river in Leavenworth, I found much inspiration including this, what seems to be, small rock. The rest of the rock is under this strong and confident river, but seeing the tiny bit that I could showed me that this rock was stronger and even more confident than the river rushing past it trying to wear it down. I captured this “Submerged Beauty” hoping it would bring someone inspiration to show the rest of the world their own strength and confidence.


One Stunning Stack


While my family and a family of friends were at a river my dad and I found some rocks on the bank. We decided to bring them up to where we set up our stuff and then went upstream to find some more while my mom stayed behind with the rocks and our stuff. While my dad, our friends, and I were upstream having a blast, my mom had some fun of her own with my rocks. She stacked them up on top of each other and took a few pictures of her new creation. I’m glad she had her fun because it gave me the inspiration that I needed for this blog post. These lucky rocks really make “One Stunning Stack.”

Whimsical Sight

IMG_8544.JPGAs we came to our destination on our long hike and were going to start heading back to the car, we stopped by little pond and sat down on some logs and stumps and looked out across the pond. I was so tired and done with this hike that I didn’t realize how perfect this landscape would be for a blog post until my mom pointed it out to me, which made me feel dumbfounded. After coming back to earth from my happy place I got out the camera and snapped a few pictures just before we all started to get up to start heading back up the muddy trail. I’m glad I got a picture of this “Whimsical Sight” and the other pictures from this hike even if it meant a long hard morning through afternoon of that muddy hiking trail!

Two in One

IMG_8534On the hike I’ve been posting about we took a rough stroll through a tall grass ‘plain’ area that had the forest on the edges which was full of color and elegance. At about half way to the top my mom pointed out what looked to be just one tree, but really it was two trees that had grown practically into each other! After I saw what they really were I held up the camera and took a picture of the duo in the back of the picture and continued on our long trail. These two trees make a stronger, more interesting, and even more inspiring “Two in One” tree.

Three Layers of Exotic Glory

IMG_8537.JPGOn the hike that my last post was about I also found a tree with quite a few mushrooms growing on it. At first I was kind of grossed out by how big they were and how many there were, this picture shows three of at least six or seven huge mushrooms on this one tree. After the moment of inside vomiting, I saw how these would make a perfect post, and these fungi went from ew to wow! I took some pictures of all the mushrooms but found that this one showed the mushrooms as “Three Layers of Exotic Glory.”

Velvet Nature

IMG_8539.JPGOn a hike that my mom had me and some friends go on a few days ago there were hundreds of beautiful plants to take pictures of, at one point there was also a doe that was probably less than ten feet away from our group which I sadly couldn’t get a picture of quick enough. However we did come across a tree with something very interesting at the bottom, a plant with leaves the color of velvet! It was one of the strangest yet most intriguing things I’ve ever seen in nature! This “Velvet Nature” was begging to have a blog post about it and so I made it happen.

Beauty Along the Highway

7-6-16On my way to Silverwood Theme Park last week, we were driving down the highway and I saw an amazing lake with a forest and mountains in the distance. There was a little island on the lake that I wanted to capture but the car was moving a tad bit too fast for the camera but I think this is a perfect shot anyway. I have many other fantastic photos of the nature I saw on my way to Silverwood and I can’t wait to show them to the world on my blog! This picture showed “Beauty Along the Highway.”